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Mushroom + Fennel. Vintage Mud Mask


Earthy tones or pastel colours for a more natural look and feel. Product is strong in “Raw / unprocessed” ingredients: sage, dandelion, jasmine,onions…

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What is a moor mud mask?

Moor Mud has been used as far back as the Egyptian and Roman empires. The Mud consists of organic residues from hundreds of flowers, plants and herbs such as sage, basil, thyme and dandelion. Our facial mask takes it a step further by infusing a jasmine scent.

Mushroom & Fennel Vintage Mud Mask

Because jasmine is an essential oil renowned for its calming qualities, we’ve lightly infused our Mushroom & Fennel Vintage Mud Mask with Australian jasmine to make it the ideal facial mask for relaxing – either at the end of the day or over a quiet weekend.

How to use

Our Mushroom & Fennel Vintage Mud Mask is best used weekly.

We recommend first giving your face a deep clean. With your face still damp from the deep clean, apply the mask to your skin (being careful to avoid contact with eyes) and wait five to seven minutes. Once the mask has dried, rinse off with warm water. We’ve designed our masks to both cleanse and moisturise, though for particularly dry skin types you can use your own hydrating cream as a post-mask treatment if needed.

Ingredients: 100 % unprocessed Moor Mud Mask and Australian jasmine blend.

3 in 1 Vegan-friendly facial mask properties


This versatile in one cleansing masks is suitable for sensitive and congested skin conditions.


Our Mushroom and Fennel Mud is designed to wake up your skin with a nourishing combitation of Mood mud and Jasmine Essential oil. The skin is left feeling rejuvenated and naturally refreshed. Impurities are drown out and replaced with nutritious vitamins and minerals. Regular and continued use helps minimize the appearance of large pores, diminish fine lines and fade hyper-pigmentation.




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