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Our Philosophy

Luciole is an artisan boutique skincare brand based in Melbourne. We believe in using minimal ingredients for natural skincare therapies, harmonizing both inner and outer body balance by keeping only the core contents.

Food promotes healthy, resilient skin and contains vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and proteins that are good for the mind, body and soul. We integrate the healing power of food into a nourishing skincare routine.

Our inspiration came from homemade skin treatment recipes that use ingredients commonly found in our own kitchen shelves. Something simple,natural and fresh.

We work directly with local suppliers to provide our unique take on skincare remedies at an accessible price. All Luciole products are made in small batches with love to ensure freshness and quality.

Our Product

We simplify your beauty regimen to the essentials. Unnecessary additives and preservatives are discarded in favour of crafted small batches of limited food- based plant recipes.
We try our best to handcraft all products with only the best in natural and organic ingredients and don’t skimp on the more expensive but hugely beneficial botanical oils.

We source locally at every available opportunity.  Every ingredient is listed so you know exactly what’s being used in your mask recipe. Over time fine lines and wrinkles will fade, your skin will tighten and your body will feel revitalized. 

Our products are 100% cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and do not contain palm oil.
Our suppliers are locally based in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Luciole products are free from Parabens, alcohol, phenoxyenthanol, petrochmicals, detergents (sls/sles), artificial fragrance , EDTA and animal derivatives. We stay away from anything that has the potential to upset your skin’s texture, tone and collagen production.

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Our Packaging

We employ minimalist packaging where only the essential matters. Wherever possible, we choose glass over plastic, reusable over single-use and practical packaging over aesthetic appearances.

Because beauty care should be fun, easy and intimate, we forged our product with the intention to relax not just the body but also the spirit. We hope our product will become a small ritual of self-care that enriches your skin.

Tip: we recommend applying our facial masks by massaging it into your skin with a circular clockwise motion. Integrate your forehead, temples, jaws and cheeks – always moving in an upward motion (this self-massage technique based on ancient Ayurveda tradition).

Our brand name

Luciole is French for ‘firefly’, and like all of those magical glowing lights the night sky we want to empower you with the essence of natural radiance. We couldn’t fill our jars with fireflies, so instead we bottled their secrets and so you too can exhibit their alluring glow.

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